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1st price Best of Show 100% Tuning


This weekend, Holland’s biggest indoor tuning show called 100% Tuning took place in The Netherlands. And this Honda Civic Coupé with his custom made widebody, from our buddy Michel Flits Staal, was invited to show off his looks. Everybody noticed how unique Honda this is, so he got selected for Best of Show JAP. And WON!
Congratulations you literally did one hell of a job! Award is well-deserved and show the respect we all feel for this build.

More info and pictures of this amazing car, check

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European Time Attack Masters


ETAM (European Time Attack Masters) is the only Time Attack event where the best that Europe has to offer will be seen competing head to head for the prestigious titles of being crowned a European Time Attack Champion.

There will be four separate classes consisting of 4WD, FWD, RWD and Normally Aspirated with an ETAM Champion title being presented for the overall fastest lap in the Final, these awesome head to head battles will take place at the Circuit of Zandvoort in Holland this coming 5 & 6th October.

ETAM is co-owned by the organisers of the UK Time Attack and NL Time Attack Championships, both organisers who have been operating professional Time Attack events since 2005 and work closely with the drivers, teams, tuners, industry and media to promote Time Attack and operate events to a professional high standard.

For 2013 onwards both organisers will use a logo that will be familiar to all competitors, the aftermarket tuning industry and of course the fans. More European countries will be adopting this logo as agreements are made.

We look forward to welcoming you at Zandvoort Circuit in October for what is going to be the most exciting Time Attack event Europe has ever seen.

HEM#5 is coming! Are you in!


100% Tuning Ahoy Rotterdam


Last year more than 44,000 visitors looked at a big selection of international show cars, the many stands and breathtaking outdoor drift shows. This year 100% Tuning celebrates its 10th year anniversary.
This unique build with Fullcartuning decals will be there. Check out our stand in 2009.

Make sure you’re there on October 12th &13th, Ahoy Rotterdam The Netherlands.

Honda Euro Meet #4

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The official BLOX Open House 2013 event video

BLOX Open House and Car Show event is an annual automotive based lifestyles event. It is held in Fremont, CA at BLOX Racing’s facility. The event is intended to give back to the community-at-large, but at the same time, promote its brand name.

Ready for HEM#4

The new Honda Euro Meet is right around the corner. Just 3 more weeks for HEM#4. To get you in the mood we would like to show you this short film made by Jerem C Productions during last years HEM #3.

Japanse Autosport Festival 2013 Video

After the pictures of the Japanse Autosport Festival 2013 it is it off course time for the video. This fantastic video made by Monde Creative Studios will let you relive the Japanse Autosport Festival 2013 once more.

The video will start with the Fullcartuning stand at 0:09. The Demo 350Z at 0:47. And Lucas’ amazing S14a at 1:36.

Japanse Autosport Festival 2013 Pictures

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Japanse Autosport Festival 2013, TT Circuit Assen, as always a big success.
For a small impression of the event here are some nice pictures. Fullcartuning was present with a large stand, the demo Nissan 350z, Time Attack drivers Nicky & Lucas and their Toyota Chaser and Nissan S14a and German tuning club Team Wabaki.

806498389931_1724885370_o IMG_5282 IMG_5279 IMG_5278 IMG_5268 IMG_5252 IMG_5243 966116_117806498389931_1724885370_o 945499_518536308181727_819255539_n 941726_518535064848518_170019039_n 935976_518535101515181_1810783155_n 481494_499484253455030_247990738_n jaf1116 jaf1115 jaf1114 jaf1113 jaf1112 jaf111 jaf112 jaf113 jaf114 jaf1111 jaf1110 jaf119 jaf118 jaf117 jaf116 jaf115

Race Wars 2013

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